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A bunny called Draft 5 – Lizzie Harwood
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A bunny called Draft 5

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A bunny called Draft 5

Today the Year of the White Metal Rabbit begins.

Bunkeroo painted this yesterday to celebrate.

Year of the Rabbit

It’s a rabbit (of course, you can see that, right?), but it’s a rabbit wearing a purple scarf because it’s ‘autumn’ and he’s on a slide and there’s a swing beside him too and there’s stones on the ground and I’m sure you can see the clouds in the sky and the scarecrow on the far right.

Yes, it looks like Monty Python’s Killer Bunny wandered onto the set of The Shining. But she didn’t get a nap yesterday if that explains things.

Yesterday, I finally exchanged some Thai Baht and Indonesian Rupiah that had lurked in a drawer since 2001 in case I was flying to Bangkok or Bali anytime. It was about 60 euros worth. I think I had this idea that floating around Asia was still a possibility, as I did from 1996 for a while… does this mean I’m committed to a life in Paris? After 11 years living here, is this place getting to feel homey?

Being Chinese New Year, I just had to look up predictions for Rats (moi) and Pigs (dear Hubby & Bunkeroo) for the Rabbit Year. I never saw such a spiel of contradictory blarney. We’re f***ed according to some sites, blessed success stories according to others. I had to shut the whole computer down and go finish The Great Gatsby just to regain some perspective that we are what we make of ourselves, not what a 12-year cycle repeats.

Then again, The Great Gatsby‘s all about time and cycles and repeating the past, or recreating it, and ultimately doom for the poor son-of-a-bitch (guess Jay Gatsby was Year of the Dog then). So then I got to thinking about time and cycles. Chinese astrology has held a special interest for me ever since I moved to Asia in 1996 because that was Year of the Rat, my year. And each subsequent year I tried to look for the up side: Year of the Snake lose all your money? Well, I may also meet some new friends! Horse Year kicking your butt with no success in any area? Well, I will ‘get good value for money in dealings’, so there.

I found that if I based the upcoming year on how good/bad things were 12 years ago, then I was digging myself into a pretty deep, even trenchlike, rut. And not even Years of the Rat bring awesomely wholly positive news for Rats so I stopped reading horoscopes and predictions.

As everything relates to my writing –  things always do you might have noticed reading this blog – today I’ve had to step back from reading or not reading Year of the Rabbit predictions (the idea that I’ll become insomniac this year had me awake at night) and clear my mind – stop reading into things around me (so I exchanged the Baht and Rupiah that just means I got off my butt and ticked off one errand on the To-Do list), and take a look at my book (Draft 5 is killing me) in simple terms, like Bunkeroo’s bunny painting.

Yes, clearly, if you stand back and squint, there is too much going on in my book, just as Bunkeroo’s bunny is surrounded to the point of obscurity by too many objects.

Thus, I’m deleting my scarecrow and half of the clouds, and I’m afraid the swingset and slide have to go, too. I’m going to leave just a bunny, and not give him any clothes and hopefully get hold of a finer brush so the details of his face are visible. Whiskers, even. But the purple scarf has to stay.

Happy and prosperous and sleep-achieving year of the white metal Rabbit to you. Gong Xi Fa Chai. Especially you, arty inspirational Bunkeroo Picassa.

P.S. Bunkeroo asked me why her sequel wasn’t on ‘the computer’, so here it is. It’s called Taupo.

Clearly, it’s just Taupo the Cat and a mouse under the moon in a garden with flowers and a palm tree.

You can even see the whiskers.


  • Jac

    Its awesome how you bring such wit and connections and understanding into your inner and outer world. Very funny and cute! Go Draft 5 numerology is on your side.

    February 3, 2011 at 1:42 pm
    • Lizzie

      Oh yeah! I’m a 5 in numerology aren’t I, so Draft 5 will be the publishable draft! Yay! Damn it I’m doing it again (astrologizing my life away). x

      February 3, 2011 at 1:55 pm

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